Privacy & Safety

Privacy & Safety

Our Commitment

DiversiFinance is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information. We recognize our obligation to keep sensitive information secure and have created this privacy and security statement to share and explain the current information management practices on our website.

Use of Online Information

When you visit our Website, we will not collect your personal information unless you choose to and wish to receive services that require it. Indeed, usage of our Website is possible without providing any personal data.

Non-personal data collected automatically

When using our Website, non-personal information will be recorded as it is automatically transmitted by your internet browser. This include in particular: IP address, accessed pages on the Website, date and time of the visit, cookies, language settings and transferred data volume. This collection is done in order to ensure system security and for technical administration. The data collected will not be used to personally identify the user, nor will it be merged with personal data related to the user, and will not be forwarded to third parties. The data will be deleted as soon as storage is no longer required for the above-mentioned purposes.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are generally used to make it more convenient and easier for users to navigate through the Website. Cookies used by DiversiFinance are encrypted to make the information in cookies unreadable to anyone except DiversiFinance. You can configure your web browser so that it informs you when cookies are stored, or the prevent storage of cookies. However, you should be aware that some parts of the Website may possibly no longer function faultlessly without cookies.

Collection and processing of personal data

Some of the pages on our Website offer registration options at your discretion. During this process, we will collect the personal data required for you to be able to have access to our services (e.g. name, e-mail address, company etc.). We will mainly use such data to process inquiries and to contact you in order to discuss a potential business relationship or otherwise as stated in this Privacy Policy. Your data will only be processed for other purposes if you have given your consent or if this is permitted by applicable laws. We will not forward personal data to third parties, except to the extent required by mandatory applicable laws or in the event of abuse or fraud.

Protection and use of personal data

Your personal information is available only to our employees or agents (service providers) who have a need to know it. It will not be available for public inspection. Access is given only to those qualified professionals who provide DiversiFinance services consistent with your interactions on our Website. DiversiFinance may use personal data in order to support our internal business objectives, data analyses, development of new products, improvement of its services, determination of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns (on an anonymous basis).

Data Safety

In order to protect the personal data against loss, falsification or disclosure to unauthorized third parties, DiversiFinance has taken technical and administrative measures. When credit card information and account data are processed, the data will be stored in accordance with the strict PCI-DSS rules (“Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard”), only in encrypted form and only in a data bank which can be accessed by authorized staff only. DiversiFinance uses firewalls to protect unauthorized access to servers; the servers are located at a safe location to which only authorized staff have access. All staff members and all persons involved in the processing of data are subject to an obligation to comply with all laws relating to data protection, and to treat personal data confidentially. However, despite out efforts, DiversiFinance cannot guarantee that 100% safety can be ensured.

Right to examine, change or correct personal information

Any user providing us with his/her personal information has the right to examine, change or correct it. You can request to modify your personal information by sending an email to our customer support team.


DiversiFinance is not responsible or liable for: (i) the content of other websites you may have access to through links contained on our Website, (ii) any of their policies, including cookies, or (iii) any other terms governing the use of any information you submit, privacy policies or data protection.