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The premium charts are not considered as trading signals, instead they show the favorite next move of the underlying assets.

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  • 4 Hours

Gold is on its way to complete wave (v) around $1246 per ounce where 3 waves pullback is expected, the short to medium term trend is bullish as long as $1207 per ounce hold

Added At:2018-10-23 14:54:27

By:Rabih El Jamal


  • Daily

The S&P500 ended intermediate wave (A) in February 2018, then intermediate wave (B) ended in 21 September 2018 in the form of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 which is a double corrective pattern for a Flat wave called 7th swings, now the index can retrace up to complete a minor wave B up around 2825 before the downtrend resume for an intermediate wave (C) down in order to complete the primary wave ((4)) where the index is expected to bottom at the yellow box, then the index would rally again for a primary wave ((5)) above 3100 where the Cycle can find a severe Top before a huge downside correction

Added At:2018-10-23 14:23:24

By:Rabih El Jamal


  • 4 Hours

GBPUSD did move north from our entry at the yellow box before finding a temporary resistence at 1.3256 where it was expected to pullback for 3 waves down to complete wave (b), we beleive that wave (b) would find a bottom around 1.2930 in the form of a flat

Added At:2018-10-23 14:15:35

By:Rabih El Jamal


  • Weekly

GBPNZD is moving well to our target at the blue box with currently over 550 pips in the money down from around 800 pips last week, a retest of 1.9955 is possible before uptrend resumption

Added At:2018-10-15 14:43:41

By:Rabih El Jamal


  • Weekly

My favorite scenario for this pair is to turn strongly lower specially after the USA Canada Mexico deal which is known as the new NAFTA or USMC deal, technically a retest of 1.3390 area to complete the 7th swing high scenario cannot be ruled out before the downtrend resume to complete a double zigzag ''XX'' at 1.0750 in the long run.

Added At:2018-10-10 17:13:14

By:Rabih El Jamal


  • 1 Hour

Oil to find major resistance near 61.8 % Fibonacci Level. turning south from these levels will target 68$ a barrel in the coming sessions.

Added At:2018-10-10 10:01:12

By:Joseph Dahrieh